European classical figures resin crafts fair female angel trumpet copper home decor furnishings Decoration scales

European classical figures resin crafts fair female angel trumpet copper home decor furnishings Decoration scales
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Oписание продукта

[name] Manja[material] zinc copper alloy (Liu Jin)

The eight auspicious fine workmanship Manja disc are as follows:

ManjaDisc, also known as Manja ormandalaThat is the Tibetan transliteration, is common in Tibetan BuddhismMagic. Symbol to narrow the universe in the above, to be real, visualize and make an offering is Tantric rapidly accumulating merit and wisdom of the ingenious method.

Manja subdivision has three body Manja for, for seven piles of Manja supply and 37 heap Manza; and to be installed with seven Jane wolfberries, in which to support, some food medicine installed which to feed, even to clay sand installed the for support. No matter what the idea of the number of all immeasurable, the precious for.

Manja disc is round, multilayer, high level of each volume decline, a circle, like a pagoda. Manja, "Mandala" means in tibetan. "Mandala" in Sanskrit is called "mandala". Tantric in arcane repair, to resist the intrusion of the demons, repair method to draw a circle, and built an altar of earth, and painted on the Buddha like. This is the "Mandala" or "mandala". Said the mandala as Manja Xumishan mandala.

Manja disc generally have four layers, each layer of a hollow ring, which put the whole grains, pearl,agateLazuli, shells and coins etc.. The fourth layer is the spire shaped xumishan. Buddhism believes that Xumi mountain is the emperor released days and four kings living place. It is said that the mountain in the sea, mountain 84000 Yojanas, the peak 32 seat welkin, for Indra live. The mountain has four kings palace. These palaces are made of gold and silver,crystalAnd glass building, extremely gorgeous gorgeous. Here the Xumishan represents the whole world. The tray of food and precious stones to Manzanar support bodhisattvas.

Manja disk in a variety of forms and materials used are not the same, some with gold and silver as wall and around studded treasures; useful pearls clusters.

There are several methods of cultivation of Tibetan Buddhism, one of which is the embodiment of Manja support. Practice incarnation Manja support, first of all, the left hand holds the Manja chassis, with the right wrist of repeated friction surface of the chassis, and recited the hundred syllable mantra. The friction chassis not because it need cleaning dirty, but our hearts in order to eliminate the obstacles, worry, pain and disease. Therefore, do not use cloth and paper to wipe the disc with the wrist can wipe Manza. Then the right hand ring finger dip prepared perfume, evenly coated Manja chassis. Flowers, the Manza chassis around three times (read: endure o Yong Rongmeng the empty of the Manja), the first lap Manja put on the chassis (said iron Wai hill, read: in Japan, Germany, Gamala hum), also in Manja put a bunch of offering (Xumi mountain said, read: O Yong Rongmeng summer sky sprinkled round sogn leaf instigates HA), also in their own east along clockwise rotation, put four pile in the tetragonal (four large state), then in eight eight heap (eight small state representation, read: Supro sprinkled round Halon color). And then put four in the Quartet (said day, month,Qibao), eight red phase), and then filled with. Plus three ring stacking completed Manza. Then put the gold disc Manja baoding. This completes a manza. The left hand to hold the right hand holding the Manja plate at the bottom.BeadsAt the same time, but also read Manja words. Read one hundred times, from the right clockwise rotate by three circle to the left, will be offering the cloth fell in the manzanar. This Manza completed a. Repeat so repeatedly placed Manza.

The supply fell on the cloth. This Manza completed a. Repeat so repeatedly placed Manza.